What People Are Saying

“Facing a billionaire spending over $50 million in a state with a 68% wrong track, we needed the very best polling, strategy and targeting — and that is what we got from The Mellman Group. They played a central role in winning this race by helping craft our message, giving us the right vocabulary with which to communicate it, developing our strategy, and by using sophisticated micro-targeting models to expand our target and GOTV universes. We simply could not have prevailed without them.”
– Howard Edelson, Governor Jennifer Granholm’s (D-MI) campaign manager

“From strategy and message to free press and paid media, from micro-targeting to macro-targeting, The Mellman Group was deeply involved every step of the way. No detail was too small, no challenge was too great for them.”
– Dan Schooff, Governor Jim Doyle’s (D-WI) campaign manager

[The Mellman Group had] “accurate numbers, effective strategies and calm direction in the midst of the storm, all of which helped make the difference for us.”
– Matt Butler, Senator Maria Cantwell’s (D-WA) campaign manager

“Hawaii’s ethnic diversity makes it an extraordinarily difficult state in which to poll. The Mellman Group helped us develop our winning message and strategy, and their numbers were dead on when other pollsters were wildly off.”
– Andy Winer, Senator Dan Akaka’s (D-HI) campaign manager

“The Mellman Group team led by Michael Bloomfield was a key part of our campaign, developing the message and strategy to win, and in the end giving us numbers that were right on. Whether it was an Iraq op-ed, or crunching numbers on the new district, they were there every step of the way.”
– Roman Levit, Congressman John Barrow’s (D-GA) campaign manager

Talking about a constitutional amendment in Florida on tobacco settlement money: “We (CTFK) could only afford one spot and we had to make sure it was the right one. After The Mellman Group worked with Hill Research on a poll to define our message, we used The Mellman Group’s innovative Internet ad testing techniques to make sure the Squire Knapp Dunn spot we aired was the most effective one possible. And it worked.”
– Consultant John Sowinski

After the defeat of Propositions 74 and 76 in California: “Since January, I’ve relied on The Mellman Group to help shape the strategy that brought down the Governor’s appeal and defeated his initiatives. Moreover, when many polls were so far off, it was good to know that The Mellman Group data could always be trusted to be right on the money.”
– Gale Kaufman, Lead Consultant

“Though we spent far less on polling than we had hoped, The Mellman Group stood by us day in and day out, offering real wisdom on message, strategy and targeting that proved vital to the success of our campaign.”
– Charlie Beckham, Campaign Manager for Mayor Dave Bing (Detroit)

“Whether it’s a race for the State Senate or the US Senate, the Mellman Group brings its strategic insights and campaign expertise to every project. Through 20 years of working with Mark Mellman and his team, I’ve been impressed with their commitment to developing the best practices in research and message development. In every one of Senator Boxer’s campaigns, the Mellman Group’s research gave us the roadmap to victory.”
– Rose Kapolczynski, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) Campaign Manager

Smart Democratic pollster and strategist Mark Mellman is able to look at data without debilitating partisan blinders.
– Mark Halperin, Time Magazine

For those of you who have seen Moneyball, Mellman is to public-opinion research as Jonah Hill’s Peter Brand is to baseball sabermetrics.
– Judith Grey, The Daily Beast

Whether winning for you means getting more votes than your opponent, selling more product, changing public policy, raising more money or generating more activism, The Mellman Group transforms data into winning strategies.