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Decision Analytics .

Dynamically Adjusting Your Campaign’s Tactics .

With real-time tracking, microtargeting, and decision-making, Decision Analytics—a division of The Mellman Group—gives you the tools you need to adjust and refine your strategies up until the hour the polls close. In the old campaign model, you first planned, then executed and never knew the impact of individual decisions. With Decision Analytics on your team, your campaign will quickly respond to changes in the political landscape and efficiently target responsive voters. We’ll tell you:

  • The relative impact of your activities on the horserace
  • Which resources are most efficient at changing voter behavior
  • Which voters are most responsive to your efforts

Live ID calls or automated surveys, either conducted by Decision Analytics or your organization, provide an inexpensive data source for these pieces of information. This approach is similar to “nightly tracking” surveys, but is cheaper and is focused on producing actionable intelligence.

Return on Campaign Investment: Quantifying the Relative Effect of Tactics .

Decision Analytics tells you the impact of each of your campaign activities—media buys, mail, field programs, rallies—on your chances of winning. We’ll compare various tactics so you can maximize your Return on Campaign Investment and pour resources into activities that actually convince voters.

Efficiency of Particular Resources .

Decision Analytics, using natural experiments, will quantify the effect of specific advertising campaigns on voter behavior. With daily reports, you’ll know whether your message continues to resonate even as the political conversation shifts. And if your campaign does need to switch gears, we’ll quickly test new messages so that you concentrate your efforts on effective appeals.

Persuasion Microtargeting: Identify Responsive Voters .

In some races, up to half the electorate may be undecided, and deciding whom to target may be difficult. Decision Analytics solves this problem by identifying the voters who change their minds because of your campaign’s message—a capability that traditional microtargeting lacks. Using these tools, the 2009 Corzine campaign was able to focus their persuasive activities on the half of the electorate that would respond to their message, thus tripling their efficiency.