Whether winning for you means getting more votes than your opponent, selling more product, changing public policy, raising more money or generating more activism, The Mellman Group transforms data into winning strategies.

Our Company


To develop superior strategies using sophisticated research to find messages that influence consumer and voter choice.


If you understand how people think, you can shape opinion and change behavior. The power to effect change is well within your reach: the key is effective message development.


We find the messages that influence the decisions of consumers and voters because we combine the most advanced research techniques with a superior command of strategy. It is a powerful combination, proven to help clients around the world gain real advantage and win tough battles in highly competitive environments.


Polls cannot help you make the right decisions unless they are accurate. Our quality control with rigorous standards is unmatched. Our late tracking is always in the margin of error and we are accurate when others are off.

Decision Analytics:

Decision Analytics logoWith real-time tracking, microtargeting, and decision-making, the Decision Analytics—a division of The Mellman Group—gives you the tools you need to adjust and refine your strategies up until the hour the polls close. In the old campaign model, you first planned, then executed and never knew the impact of individual decisions. With Decision Analytics on your team, your campaign will quickly respond to changes in the political landscape and efficiently target responsive voters.

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What People Are Saying:

Megaphone icon“You joined our team at a critical moment and provided us with the research to win. The political environment was extraordinarily difficult across the country but with your carefully-worded polling and focus group research we were able to overcome a deficit many thought was insurmountable. Your numbers and message-testing proved to be extraordinarily accurate giving us the advantage we needed to win. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

– Ben Nuckels, Campaign Manager for Governor Pat Quinn (D-IL)

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Some of our clients:

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