New poll shows widespread support to ban flavored e-cigarettes and vapes

The survey of 600-voters found that:

  • 64% believe the state should ban flavored e-cigs and vapes
  • 30% say they disagree
  • 6% say they don’t know

Pollsters say support for the ban crosses all demographic lines.

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“Seventy-seven-percent are concerned tobacco companies using these products to target kids so the reason you se widespread support they see it in daily lives and in their kids so they want state to take action,” said David Tollaksen of Mellman Group.

The poll also looked at banning menthol cigarettes:

  • 59% say the state should ban menthol cigarettes
  • 34% say policy makers should not ban menthols
  • 7% say they didn’t know

The margin of error is plus or minus 4%. This study was commissioned by the campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

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