Big Victories, Accurate Numbers

We take pride in getting the numbers right cycle after cycle, both in good times and bad. But it is so much sweeter when the numbers guide us to effective strategies and when we accurately foretell victories.  The Mellman Group was proud to work for great candidates with great teams that made Tuesday such a big night for Democrats. We offer our congratulations and thanks to all.

Justin Fairfax, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia

Helping Justin Fairfax win a show-down primary four months ago made his historic victory Tuesday night all the more satisfying. Four years ago we helped Justin pull off a near upset in a primary – and were honored to continue to be part of his team. Justin is only the second African-American to win statewide in Virginia.

Our late October poll showed Fairfax ahead by 4-points, just one off from final 5-point margin.

Justin won despite being outspent by 4 to 1 in the final month of the campaign.  Our research helped illuminate the path to victory – focusing on what really mattered to Virginians: growing the economy, investing in job training and creating a better future for our kids – and contrasting that with the divisive and ideological record of our opponent.  With so much money arrayed against us, the campaign had to make last-minute resource allocation decisions based on spending models we developed.  We knew it would not be easy, but Justin’s dynamism and his message broke through.

We were honored to be part of a top-notch team led by Campaign Manager Zakiya Thomas, along with Campaign Chair Larry Roberts, media wizards Delacey Skinner and David Eichenbaum of Eichenbaum Skinner Strategies, mail guru Scott Simpson of Resonance Campaigns, fundraiser David Mills, and the communications work of Symone Sanders.

Mike Duggan, Mayor of Detroit

We also congratulate Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan on his reelection.   Four years ago, we helped him beat the odds – surviving the primary as a write-in candidate and then defeating a popular opponent in the general. Since then, the Mayor has kept his commitment to turn Detroit around.

This cycle our work supported the independent expenditure committee led by former Deputy Mayor Freman Hendrix. It was gratifying to see Mayor Duggan’s great work reflected in our polling which showed him with a 45-point lead, remarkably close to his final 44-point landslide (72%-28%).

We offer our congratulations to the entire team including expertly-crafted media by Joe Slade White & Company.

Whether winning for you means getting more votes than your opponent, selling more product, changing public policy, raising more money or generating more activism, The Mellman Group transforms data into winning strategies.