We are proud to have played a part in two recent victories: one in Virginia’s primary and another in last week’s New Jersey primary – and want to congratulate our clients and teammates. We are also excited about the accuracy of our numbers in these two races and the story the numbers tell about Democratic strength.

Justin Fairfax – Democratic Nominee for LG in Virginia

In Virginia,  Justin Fairfax,  an up-and-coming superstar,  posted an historic victory in the primary for Lt. Governor and is now running to become the second African American elected to statewide office in Virginia history. Justin’s energy and focus, as well as an extremely talented team, made the difference in a three-way contest against formidable opponents, who enjoyed the backing of national organizations.

Huge congratulations, and thank you, to Justin, his family, campaign manager Zakiya ThomasDelacey Skinner of Eichenbaum Skinner Strategies, Scott Gale of Fundraising Management Group, Scott Simpson of Resonance Campaigns, Marisa Nickols of MB Political Research, communications guru Symone Sanders, and Campaign Chair Larry Roberts.

The results reflected real energy among Democrats. More than 540,000 votes were cast in the primary – nearly 200,000 more than in the GOP contest.  In fact, Justin received over 90,000 more votes in his three-way race for LG than Ed Gillespie did in his three-way race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

We are delighted that our polling once again proved almost uniquely accurate. Our survey showed gubernatorial nominee Northam up by 14-points in a race he won by 12. Our result stood in stark contrast to many other polls that showed his opponent leading by significant margins.

New Jersey LCV’s IE for Phil Murphy – Democratic Nominee for Governor in New Jersey

We are also honored to have been a part of New Jersey LCV’s IE for Phil Murphy, who, last week won a six-way primary. LCV ran an aggressive effort touting Murphy’s clean energy plan, which our polling showed was overwhelmingly popular with primary voters. Our April poll showed Murphy with a 29-point lead, very much in line with his ultimate 26-point margin.

Our congratulations to Phil Murphy and his campaign, as well as to the LCV IE team of Drew Tompkins of LCV-New Jersey, Leslie Martes of LCV-national and Jeannie Carlson of Blue Nation Strategies.

These results leave us excited about prospects for Democrats in 2017 and beyond – and the role that accurate polling can play in building a new majority. 

Whether winning for you means getting more votes than your opponent, selling more product, changing public policy, raising more money or generating more activism, The Mellman Group transforms data into winning strategies.