Military Families with Young Children Seek Greater Access to Child Care & State Pre-K

Military parents with young children report that the need for early care and education services, including child care, parenting classes and high-quality pre-kindergarten, tops their list of day-to-day needs, according to a new study by Pre-K Now, a campaign of the Pew Center on the States.

The study, entitled “On the Home Front: Early Care and Education a Top Priority for Military Families,” found that the cost and long waiting lists for military-provided child care means many families do not get the services they need. The survey targeted 500 military households from all branches of service with children under age ten, including Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve personnel, to evaluate the distinct challenges facing military families with young children. Frequent relocations and the cycle of deployment — preparation, separation and reunification — all cause disruptions that can have profound emotional and educational consequences for children in military households…

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